Cooperation - Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego - Monika Ośmiałowska


The price and the type of payment for our services is each time established by negotiation with our clients. The complexity and the amount of work needed to satisfy the expectations of the client is crucial for determining the price. We offer three systems of charging, mixed payment systems are also possible.

    • a fixed price per hour is negotiated with the client. The fixed hourly rate is then multiplied by the number of hours of work, conducted in the month billed or required the completion of the service. A detailed bill for our work is issued together with the invoice, and states the number of hours of work and the fixed hourly rate.
    • this form of payment includes fixed charges for our services. The charges are calculated in the following ways:
    • ongoing legal service – a fixed price is set for a specified number of hours of work every month. This allows our customers to control their legal expenses, as the price per hour is lower in this system than in hourly rates system;
    • charges for representing clients in court – this system includes fixed charges and an additional charge for representing the client at each hearing. These include the costs of all written statements.
    • this system involves a fixed low rate and a special bonus for winning the case